The Best Western Opera Faubourg, an obvious hotel near the Galeries Lafayette in Paris

A hotel close to Galeries Lafayette is the promise of an afternoon of shopping, of a trip to the department stores on Boulevard Haussmann. But it is much more than that if you choose the Best Western Opera Faubourg.

A hotel on rue Lafayette in Paris, really?

If the Best Western Opera Faubourg is a hotel on rue Lafayette in Paris, it is also a British hotel. Surprising as it may seem at first, this establishment plays both sides of the fence by offering a quality of service that only the French hotel industry can provide. But in addition to this, the decoration is inspired by the 50's and 60's in the English culture. The series "Chapeau melon et Bottes de cuir" (Bowler hat and leather boots) is honored as well as colors, patterns on fabrics or decorative objects from or inspired by this period. This is an inventive choice that gives a singular style to this hotel near the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. It allows you to combine the pleasant with the surprising, and to perfect your stay even more.

Hotel near the Grands Magasins, near the heart of Paris

The department stores on Boulevard Haussmann, and those on the other shopping streets of Paris, are inseparable from the heart and history of the capital. This is why choosing a hotel near the Galeries Lafayette in Paris is to be ideally positioned. Without even having to take public transport, which is nevertheless dense in this part of Paris, you will have many centers of interest close to you. It starts with Le Printemps or the Galeries Lafayette. Only 800 meters separate the Best Western Opera Faubourg and the Galeries, 300 meters more to reach the Printemps. And the Faubourg Saint Honoré can be reached in less than 10 minutes by car. On your itinerary? The Opera Garnier, the Vendôme column, the Grévin museum, the Gare St Lazare and many other places in the capital. With a hotel close to the Grands Magasins but with the special personality of the Best Western Opera Faubourg, will you have time to enjoy the capital, or rather hotel services such as breakfast, Love Boxes for couples in love or concierge service for outings?

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